[Solve] Selfie Stick Not Working? Here is The Solution

Selfie Stick Doesn’t Work Solution: Try a new selfie stick on your Android smartphone. But doesn’t it  work on mobile phones? Here are some settings to check with the smartphone’s camera app in case you can’t use the selfie stick  on your Android smartphone. I’m blogging this post because someone posted in a previous blog post that I can’t use a selfie stick on my Android Redmi Phone. So, if you have a setting to check here and  it still doesn’t work, try another app. 

Selfie Stick Not Working

If your phone doesn’t have a setting on your camera that allows you to take a picture with the volume button, there is an alternative app that you can download and install from Google Play and use  with a selfie stick. 

Most stock Android phone apps have a setting to take a picture with  the volume button. The camera settings are the first place to check if the selfie stick isn’t working on your phone. There are a few things to check to get started: 

  • Check if there is a setting called “Volume Key Function”. 
  • In this case, you need to set the “Volume key function” to “Take a picture” or “Capture” (depending on the model menu of the phone). 

The camera app, unfortunately, the phone can’t use a selfie stick. But don’t worry. You can use the selfie stick with other camera apps. Camera 360 is one such app that works. Make sure that the “Volume Button Function” is also set correctly in the Camera 360 settings. 

The Camera 360 works fine on Android phones for selfie stick purposes, even if your phone’s default camera app doesn’t have the required “volume button feature” settings. You can download the Camera 360 Android app from Google Play here.

How to fix Selfie Sticks not working with Mi Redmi Android Phones?

If you can’t use the selfie stick on your  Mi Redmi Android Phone, watch a video on how to fix the problem. It works, but there are some places where you need to change the settings. 

The selfie stick uses the volume button control to instruct the phone to take a picture. Your cell phone should be able to take pictures with the volume button without a selfie stick. This applies to all phones. If your phone doesn’t take pictures with the volume button, configure the phone’s camera settings. 

Unable to take pictures using selfie stick on Xiaomi Redmi phone?

The selfie stick is a very fun  and useful tool to own. With a selfie stick, you can click on a photo that is better  than your outstretched arm, whether alone or in a group of friends. The scene is much better than a shot with the arms outstretched. Shots with extended arms are often very close together and  may not  fit all in the frame. Selfie sticks are also useful when visiting places alone. Instead of asking someone  to click on you, you can do it yourself. This post describes how to enable selfie stick operation on your Xiaomi Redmi Android phone. The settings described are similar to almost all smartphones on the market today. In other words, you can click the image with the volume button.