Moviebazar | Best FTP Server BD In 2022

We’ll talk a lot about Moviebazar  here in the CordCutting guide, news, and reviews at, but it’s been a long time since we last turned our savvy and critical eyes. I looked through the archives before writing this article and found that I had never reviewed Moviebazar before. I don’t know how this happened, but don’t be afraid. I’m here to fix the situation. This is our long-awaited Moviebazar review. 


Moviebazar Review

Moviebazar is a media server application. The idea is very simple. Gets a device that contains a large number of local files. That is, install all the movie and music files  you rip CDs and DVDs that day, or get them by exorbitant means. They are the servers on this device. Then get some other devices and launch the Moviebazar app and you’re done. You can stream all these files. 

Of course, not everyone has an old movie file that needs to be shared with  other devices (that is, yes, but I’m sure  some don’t). That’s why Moviebazar also offers other things, including  OTA TV support that allows you to turn your antenna and TV tuner into an OTA DVR setup. 

Our review covers both sides of Moviebazar. Finally, let us know if Moviebazar is  best suited for your media server needs, and if  other benefits are worth worrying about if you don’t have these local files.

User experience

Getting started with Moviebazar is very easy. Users need to download the Moviebazar Media Server software (Moviebazar’s website abbreviates  Moviebazar Media Server as “PMS”-yes, really-but this review doesn’t do that, so please help God ). Of course, the server software runs on all devices used to host the server. If the device is a computer, the easiest way to access the server is to go to the Moviebazar website on that computer and download the file. If you set up Moviebazar  on another device, for example a NAS (Network Attached Storage) device, you need to perform one or two additional steps when you transfer the Moviebazar Media Server program to that device. 

Once the server is up and running, you can use your Moviebazar account to manage the server from the Moviebazar web app (it’s free unless you choose the paid version. For more information, see the Pricing section later. please refer to). 

Adding files to Moviebazar was very easy. Adding a folder to the server made the menu very intuitive. Of course, you can decide what you want to share and what you don’t want to share. Once the server is set up, you can stream content from the server. This part is easy. Download the Moviebazar app (unlike the Moviebazar Media Server software, it’s available in many app stores, see the platform support section of this review for more information), sign up, select a server, and stream. start. 

Moviebazar allows you to stream local content for free on your home network. However, selecting Moviebazar Pass unlocks more content (see  Pricing section). These benefits include Moviebazar’s wireless TV features, such as streaming OTA TV over a server and acting as an OTA DVR. 

Update: Oops! I missed the TV guide that can be accessed from the link on the LiveTV & DVR tab of the mobile app and the TV guide in the sidebar of the web app a little more intuitively. Moviebazar is off-hook in its department because the TV Guide menu looks  and functions great. This is enough for the big features of Moviebazar, but there are many small features, including the beta version. For example, we have not tested Moviebazar’s virtual reality feature.

Streaming quality

If you use the Moviebazar app to watch videos stored on your PC, listen to music, or  watch live TV through an antenna or TV tuner, the content is almost the same as when streaming. Stream. Netflix or Hulu. I’m just  streaming from my own server, not the server  of  the streaming service. So what about streaming quality? 

Let’s work on server files first. I have found these streaming qualities to be excellent on my home network. My movie looked great on RokuTV and was streamed in HD uninterrupted after a short load time. You can get the same result on iPhone. Streaming quality peaks at 1080p. That’s fine, but it’s a bit short of the 4K resolutions that are becoming more common in modern television and streaming services. 


Moviebazar is free to download and use, but you can unlock more features by choosing the  premium subscription service “Moviebazar Pass” service. 

Perhaps the most notable of these features are the live TV and DVR features  above (which also require an antenna and a TV tuner, as described earlier). Other features include the ability to download files from the server to the device running the Moviebazar app, so  you can watch the files later even if you’re not connected to the network. The Moviebazar Pass  also offers discounts and special offers on related products and services, including: B. VPN subscription and external hard drive. 


To get the most out of the Moviebazar, you need to run it on at least two devices. You need to run the Moviebazar Media Server software on one device and then the Moviebazar app on at least one other device. As mentioned earlier in this review, the server  makes  local files available on other devices, and the Moviebazar app is a way to access those files.