How to Get US NetFlix in Canada [5 Simple Ways]

How to Get US NetFlix in Canada

The BEST way to get US Netflix in Canada is to use a VPN. But there are others. If you want to get US Netflix in Canada, check out these 5 reliable methods and enjoy streaming like never before! And this article is about how to get US Netflix in Canada?

    1. Get US NetFlix in Canada using a DNS

    All computer systems and networked gadgets use the Domain Name System (DNS) to course, visitors, across the net among customers and servers. With a DNS proxy, you could alternate in which your very own facts are routed while not having to feature a separate VPN in your community. 

    The best manner to apply a DNS proxy to look at Netflix content material from different areas is to buy a cell or computer utility that helps any such feature. This equipment will reroute your net visitors to the united states of America of your preference and offer you an IP deal that corresponds to that region. 

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    As with the VPN solution, a DNS proxy will possibly gradually down your typical community performance, considering the fact that all net visitors have to undergo the greater step of connecting to a far-flung region. You would possibly even stumble upon a Netflix proxy error. 

    If you’re unhappy with the speeds you receive, keep in mind disabling the VPN or DNS proxy every time which you do now no longer want to apply American Netflix. 

    In order to watch Get US NetFlix in Canada using a DNS:

    • Set Up A Netflix Account
    • Find a DNS Service that Works with Netflix (We Recommend Smart DNS)
    • Use it to Alter Your Internet Settings
    • Restart your Internet Connection
    • Now, You Can Log into American Netflix!

    2. Get US NetFlix in Canada on an Android Device

    Alright, so there are plenty of good shows on Netflix Canada. Sure – but you want the best shows possible. And probably some cult-classics.

    The fourth method is no different from method #1. Essentially, you’ll be using one of the VPNs on that list. Each will be usable on ANY Android device (or iOS for that matter).

    To watch American Netflix in Canada on your Android phone or tablet, follow these four simple steps:
    • Go Through the VPNs On Our List (in the number one method step in this guide (or click here to choose one of our top two recommended VPNs – either Surfshark or NordVPN)
    • Create a VPN Account with Your Chosen VPN
    • From There, you’ll Be Able to Download the Surfshark/NordVPN App (for your Android device)
    • Once You Activate the VPN App, You Will Be Able to Access the American Version of Netflix (the Android app)
    • Get the Popcorn Ready
    With Chromecast, you can “cast” content available on your computer directly to your TV screen. Simply grab one of the VPNs on the list and download it to your computer.

    If the device isn’t compatible with Chromecast, buy an HDMI adapter that can connect directly to your TV’s video input. Watch Canadian American Netflix from your comfortable living room TV. 

    This may be a better option than using a laptop. We recommend either NordVPN or Surfshark. But before continuing this section, the most amazing shows Netflix Canada has to offer are endless. The following are organized by category.

    3. Watch US Netflix in Canada using the Chrome Extension

    Easy. The Chrome extension doesn’t provide the overall security and anonymity of the VPN, but you can use it to access  American Netflix.

    Do this in three simple steps. 
    • Open your browser, delete the cookie, then close your browser again. 
    • Open it again and install the DotVPN Google Chrome extension (use this link) 
    • You can now access American Netflix in Canada

    5. Best Way to Get US NetFlix in Canada

    The best way to get a US library is to use a VPN (Virtual Private Network) service. This is a reliable medium that not only encrypts all incoming/outgoing traffic but also obfuscates the original IP by assigning a new IP from another location. 

    Some VPN services use “obfuscation” technology on their servers. This allows you to turn VPN traffic into regular HTTPS traffic. It also helps ensure stability and consistency when accessing the American Netflix library.

    To Get US NetFlix in Canada using VPN, all you need to do is change your Netflix region:
    • Subscribe to a VPN service. It will change your Canadian IP address to a US IP address and give you access to American Netflix.
    • Install the VPN on the device you’ll be using for streaming.
    • Connect to a server that is located in the “United States”.
    • Visit the Netflix website and enjoy the Netflix US library.

    So, Is It Illegal to Watch US NetFlix in Canada?

    There is no copyright law that makes it illegal to watch or stream content that is not where you are. To be fair, Netflix does not accurately recommend the use of a VPN to access this content. 

    It’s a delicate situation, but it’s not a crime. No problem unless you start selling a recorded version of the show you’re watching in your local market.